We offer two types of remote starters:
A 1Way unit operates the same way your factory remote works; Press a button, and the vehicle does what you ask. BUT.... you won't get any type of confirmation - except for the parking lights would flash, or the horn might honk.
rsecfinal1002004.jpg rsecfinal1002003.jpg The ONLY Mobile Remote Car Starter Installation company in Western WI based out of Eau Claire, WI

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Common Features

55 year warranty on unit and labor
We come to you;
home, office, or where ever
Works on Gas, Diesel
or Hybrid engines
Works on "Push to Start" vehicles
An additional module may be needed to control vehicle's Imobilizer System
or vehicles having keys with Computer Chips in them
A 2Way unit will send a signal BACK to the remote, letting you know that the command was sent AND carried out. You could be deep inside a building, not being able to see the vehicle. Yet, you'll know it started just by looking at the remote.